About Us

Rudra Technologies Pte. Ltd. founded in 2006 in Singapore is privately owned and self-financed from the start.

Rudra patent pending technology is a unique technology that does not use any signature database and requires no periodic updates. It offers comprehensive protection against viruses, worms, spy ware and other malicious software - which will be created in future, providing your computer a total and complete protection from malware.

The increasing sophistication of viruses and its variants has led to higher risk of infection, and has increased the efforts in pattern extraction to cope with such variants. Since these infections can cause immediate and serious damage, Rudra fills this gap with an accurate detection technology that can prevent this damage by detecting unknown viruses.

The Company is strongly committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and protecting the systems from various different malicious software at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

Rudra Technology is the most intelligent technology to combat unknown viruses. The solution don't just protect against viruses but also all kinds of threats that are classified as malware.

Rudra provides a Preventive protection: The speed with which new viruses spread outstrips the capacity for traditional reactive methods to offer an adequate response and guarantee the safety of computers.



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